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Show Reviews/Tour Dates

Hank Williams, Jr. live, there's nothing in the world quite like it! I've seen him 7 times and you just can't beat a Bocephus concert! Here are two reviews from shows I've seen in the past few years. If anyone has any critiques from shows they've been to, and would like me to include them on this page, send 'em on in.

June 22 '00, Mars Amphitheater, West Palm Beach, FL

Well, I went & saw Hank last night. It was awesome!!! What a crowd, great performances! I did a little drinkin' out in the parking lot before hand & smuggled some Beam in with my camera case. So I was feelin' alright!

Just like last year, I had great seats. Which allowed for some equally great photo opportunities. I'll see what I can do with 'em once I get 'em developed.

I was expecting to see Edgar Winter open up, but was pleasantly surprised to see Mark Farner (from Grand Funk Railroad) start the festivities. What an impressive singer he was. Kinda made me wish I could have seen the Funk back in the day. The crowd seemed receptive enough for a rock performer.

Next up was Bocephus. What can I say that hasn't been said countless times before. He came, he saw, he conquered. It wasn't his longest set ever, but I lost track of time while he was up on stage, and that's all that matters. He was great as usually!

Charlie Daniels Band!!! I had seen Charlie a few years ago & wasn't 2 impressed w/ his performance or selection of songs. Last night, he put my fears to rest by kicking *ss and mixing it up musically. He only did one gospel number, so I don't know what everyone has been complainin' about. A number of folks made it out like half of their show was gospel tunes. Not last night! CDB busted out with Caballo Diablo, Trudy, Legend of Wooley Swamp, and a medley of Tucker/Allman/Skynyrd tunes.

Great, simply great show! Kinda wished some of my rowdy friends from the message board could have been there to enjoy it w/ me, maybe sometime in the future. Peace y'all!

"Long Live The Rebels"

February 3 '01, Ice Palace Area, Tampa, FL

ok, I'm still recouping from last nights P-A-R-T-Y!!! Almost all of Hank's rowdy (Westcoast FL) friends went 2 Tampa last night. What a show!!! Woooooooo Hoooooooooo!

First off, this was my first time seein' the Kentucky Headhunters. Now, those guys rocked!!! I wasn't familiar with a lot of their tunes but that mattered little. The songs sounded great and the band put in 100% in the performance category. I'd have to say that the drummer put in 110%, he was amazing! Jimmy Hall came out and did a few songs with the boys. The Headhunters where on stage for about 40 minutes.

AND THEN THERE WAS HANK!!! Hank hit the stage and the place exploded. The Ice Palace was by no means packed, but you could hardly tell from where I was seated. The sound from the audience was INTENSE. At times Hank's singing almost got drowned out by the fans. I had every intention of keeping track of the songs and the order Hank performed them but...... about 7 songs into his set I lost my pencil, lol. Too much drink for Wild Dog!!! So..... here are the songs, but I'm sure the order is a little outta whack. Mightta left out one or two of 'em.

My Name Is Bocephus
Man Of Steel
If Heaven Ain't A Lot Like Dixie
The Blues Man
If The South Woulda Won
Where Would We Be Without Yankees
Old Habits
Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound
Country State Of Mind
La Grange (intro)/Walk This Way
Dinosaur/The Pressure Is On
Hank Sr. (medley)
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
A Country Boy Can Survive
Born To Boogie

That's the best my clouded memory can do. Once again Bocephus put on one hell of a show!

-Wild Dog

Upcoming Shows

Attention Hank Jr. is currently on tour - 2002!!!

I'll keep posting the dates as they become available.

May 31, 2002
Birmingham, AL
Oak Mountain Amphitheatre

June 1, 2002
Nashville, TN
AmSouth Amphitheatre

July 19, 2002
St. Clairsville, OH
Jamboree In The Hills

August 23, 2002
Sterling Heights, MI
Freedom Hill Park Ampitheatre

August 24, 2002
St. Ignace, MI
Kewadin Shores Casino

October 12, 2002
Dallas, TX
State Fair of Texas

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