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Related Links
Wild Dog's Bocephus site

On this page I've included links to related sites. If you happen to notice any broken links, let me know. Also let me know about any other Bocephus sites you come across!

The Hank Williams Jr. web site and message board are where many of us 'rowdy' fans met and got to know one another. Go on ahead and stop in and post us a message. You're sure to receive a friendly response!

Hank Williams, Jr. Official Web Site

The Hank Jr. message board

The following link is to a very good friend of mine's 'awesome' web-site. Without her inspiration this website would never have come about. This site is dedicated to that outlaw woman, Bocephus Junkie!

Bocephus Junkie's Web Site

Not only did BJ provide all of us the opportunity to post pictures of ourselves and photos from concerts on her website, she also created a few chat-rooms that would allow most of us to chat on a weekly basis. Below is a direct link to our Wed/Sat nite chat-room.

BJ's Chat-room

Below is a list of links including: my AOL web-page w/ link to my Tripod chat-room, and some other website's created by my good friends. Enjoy!!!

Wild Dog's AOL Domain

2MidnightRider's: Outlaw Music Web-site

Tom's Bocephus Page

Mike Sheet's Waylon Jennings Web-site

Kurt 'Cobra' Holzapfel's Web-site